Our best online Quran tutors will help you to learn how to read the Quran online to better understand and memorize the verses of Quran. It will make your memorization task so much easier no matter what your level is as we offer to teach Quran recitation to complete beginners in order to help them memorize and understand the holy verses perfectly. Memorizing the Quran needs a pure heart and a strong will.

Learn Tafseer or the Explanation and translation of Quran with related Hadiths, grammar, and word meanings. This Course will allow you to understand the Commands of Almighty ALLAH S.W.T. This course will help you in developing the general understanding of Ahkam, Commands of Almighty ALLAH. It will not lead you to be a scholar or to develop scholarly views. Children can also apply for this course to Learn Tafseer online and translation of the Quran of specific Surahs in which children will understand family values and basic beliefs and responsibilities of being a Muslim. We take our duty of teaching seriously because its the sunnah of the Prophet SAW so you can rely on us.

At Darul Islam , we teach lesson by lesson and take the student to the top level to learn Quran reading with tajweed. We teach our students with hardwork and assure you of guaranteed results. Our experienced Teachers analyze the capacity of student and then assign specific work. After some months of training to learn Quran reading with tajweed,  students recite in the best way .

Quran classes online have been shown to be one of the best ways for people to learn Quran recitation whether it is kids learning Quran recitation or adults doing it. The ability to work at one’s own pace and to be able to repeat different lessons is a key to learning all of the intricacies that surround recitation of the Quran. Our expert tutors will help you to recite and understand Quran.

We provides 24/7 platform of Quran Learning for Kids online educational courses. Young boys and girls from round the globe can take advantage to attend learning Quran for kids course without leaving their home. Quran for kids program has been designed especially for those, who are finding it difficult in reaching to Masjids regularly, to learn the Holy Book of Allah.

Who We Are

Darul Islam provides one-on-one interactive video sessions.

Darul Islam Qran Academy is an easy way for you and your kids to learn Quran online, All you need is a PC/laptop or any other deivce and Internet connection. Alhamdulillah we have Qualified and experienced tutors.

We take responsibility for good results. We take you and your children step by step to the highest level to learn Quran reading with tajweed online.


Main Reasons to Hire Us

Easy and Affordable Packages

Advance Tajweed

Skype Quran Classes

5 Day free trial

Read Norani & Madni Qaida

Quran Translation (English, Urdu & Hindi)

Flexible Timing Plan

Monthly Report Card System

Quran Classes Via Skype

We provide you home based learning oppurtunity.

Darul Islam Quran Academy is working from 5 years so we are working as pioneers. We provides opportunity to Learn Quran by just sitting at Home in your free hours. You will just have to get admission in our Online Quran Academy and have to make a skype ID (if you already have it then no need to make it again).

Darul Islam Quran Academy  provides you opportunity to learn Quran with tajweed and tafseer in affordable prices.

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Muhammad Uman

Muhammad Uman

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Hafiza Zainab

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Umar Khalid


Mostly are Hufaz

Qualified Tutors

All are well trained

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Satisfaction guaranteed

Our Main Focus

To Guide our new Generation Towards Islam

Basic Islamic Lessons

Here we are giving islamic lessons about hadiths and explanations of Quranic verses with specific and authentic refrences to built strong islamic values to your child.

Kids Grooming

We have now designed a series of of Islamic studies courses for kids to have this blessed Islamic Knowledge online. Our main focus is to groom kids according to islam.

1 on 1 video sessions

Darul Islam also provides one-on-one interactive video sessions to help you and your family learn the Quran online.  We give you proper lessons according to your course.

We Teach you according to the Light of Islam!

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