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Quran is the ultimate guide for all Muslims. It was said by the Messenger of Allah (SWT), Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) that whenever you feel lost, take guidance from the Holy Book of Allah (SWT).

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Islam is the only religion of the world which give guidance to its believers regarding every aspect of life. And the Quran is the fundamental source for guidance for Muslims as it has been said by Allah and His Messenger (S.A.W).

is the miracle of Allah that the Quran contains directions for all the matters of this world whether it’s related to law, economy, marriage, justice, or how to rule a nation. Quran enlightens us with all the knowledge and wisdom we need to laid a happy and pious life according to the commands of Allah.

But as the Quran was revealed in Arabic so not everyone is able to understand what is written in the Quran until we get a firm grip on the Arabic language.We feel the need that learning the Arabic language is as important for Muslims as learning Quran itself so we have introduced the course where you can learn Quran translation online.

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Who can take this course?

As we all know Quran Kareem was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  And H

We have specially designed this course of an online tutor for Quran with translation for the people who have will to translate the Quran and understand the meanings of verses of Quran. This course will help the learner to understand the basics and fundamentals of Arabic so that they can understand the commands of Allah.

In this course, the student will learn Quran with translation tutor. The processes will e carried in the way that in the initial phases the student will be taught to translate small words of Arabic each day. This chain will continue word by word Quran teacher will convert those words into verses and then verses into Surahs.

Our course is designed in a way that not only an adult but a toddler could also start learning the science of translating the Quran with us. We help people from all over the world to translate and understand the Quran. No matter if you are an Urdu speaker or English native, If you want to learn Quran Urdu translation word by word, our expert will help you to learn online Quran with Urdu translation word to word.

Why should you learn Quran Translation?

There are many reasons why a Muslim should learn Quran Urdu translation word by word. Following are the most important reasons:

  • By understanding Arabic, you can understand the words of Allah SWT
  • When you’ll understand Allah’s words, you will feel the increase in your faith in Allah
  • After understanding the translation of Quran, we come to know about all the deeds which we should do and what we shouldn’t do as a Muslim.
  • After understanding what we are saying in our Arabic Dua’s to Allah, we form a strong connection with Allah through our prayers and supplications.

Learn Translation

How we teach our students to Learn Quran with translation tutor?

To learn Quran with translation tutor can be a difficult task to do especially if you are a Non-Arab. But keep in mind the reward that you will get from Allah SWT for proceeding with this difficult task just to get close to Allah. We have carefully designed our course, especially for Non-Arabs so that everyone can learn online Quran with Urdu translation word to word.

As per our method, the process to learn Quran with translation tutor will include the teaching of meanings of Arabic words daily. Initially, these words will be few but later on, the difficulty level will be increased according to the intelligence of students.

Meanwhile, in the process of Quran Urdu translation word by word, the students will also be taught the translation of verses word by word.

Our tutors are super-expert and qualified in their field of work that the whole process of this learn Quran with translation tutor becomes joyful and productive for the students.

By the end of this learn Quran with translation tutor course, a student will be able to translate verses of the Quran and not only this, but he will also be able to understand the situation in which the verse was revealed and what they indicate.

Certified  Teachers

We are aware of the fact that not everyone is capable to help you learn Quran with Translation. That’s why we never compromise on our quality of education. We have formed the best team of an online tutor for Quran with translation who are certified in their field of work.

Our online Quran with Urdu translation word to word program consists of specialist and talented expert tutors who are certified and professional so that our course won’t be a waste of time for you. They have a vast experience in teaching Quran translation online. Our course of learning Quran with translation tutor will help you to become a master in Arabic translation. Before our course, learn Quran translation online was never this much easy.

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5-Days Free Trial

We understand that it is not easy for anyone to believe any of the random teachers for themselves or for their children especially when the knowledge of Quran and Islam is concerned. 
Keeping this in mind we have introduced our policy according to which you will enjoy a free trial to learn Quran with translation tutor.

The duration of the free trial will be 5 days. This means you get access to all our material and stuff to learn Quran translation online for complete 5 days.

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